Do you want to integrate LimeSurvey with other systems in your company or create automated workflows around it?


Encuesta.Biz - We build professional surveys / Construimos encuestas profesionales

Do you need to connect Limesurvey with some other application or system? Let us know about your needs, we have good expertise integrating other applications and Limesurvey.

Please find below some features we have used in prior integrations:
- online, using REST or similar,
- through direct database connection,
- using LimeSurvey API (RemoteControl2)
- using file import / export
- involving cron scheduling
- using Excel VBA

At last we have great experience working on Reporting solutions to explode Limesurvey collected data.

About Encuesta.Biz - We build professional surveys / Construimos encuestas profesionales:

We have experience. We are flexible. We support our customers.
Please drop us a note about your needs at or find more about us at http:://

Professional surveys are more complex than regular questionnaires.
Our goal is to simplify the building, execution and analysis of professional surveys.

Based in Argentina, we provide local services, as well as offshore services to Latin America, America and Europe.

Since 2000, we offer consulting and development services for conducting online surveys. We work with Limesurvey and also with our own made custom platforms, mainly for Social Network Analysis.

We have experience in Census Surveys, Organizational Surveys, Social Network Analysis for Organizations and 360 degrees surveys.


Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc (ACSPRI)

ACSPRI develops queXS, a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system that integrates with LimeSurvey. It also develops queXML, which is currently integrated with LimeSurvey. queXML allows for the interchange of a structured questionnaire, and for the production of scannable paper forms. In addition, queXF allows for the processing of queXML based paper based forms, and for the data from the paper forms to be returned to LimeSurvey via the RPC interface.

About Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc (ACSPRI):

The Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI) has been contributing to, supporting, customising and hosting LimeSurvey in Australia for over 10 years. Contact us for local support and assistance. We are based in Melbourne.


Sondages Pro

Want to authenticate by another platform ? Integrate LimeSurvey in your CMS ? Extend the API ? I can find the best solution for you need.

I already create authentification plugin for wordpress, extend API for other tool and integrate statistics on other website.

About Sondages Pro:

Working with LimeSurvey since more than 10 years, core and plugin developer. I offer support, customisation and survey creation.

Hosting on demand with cool and great plugins.


We have successfully connected Limesurvey to other applications at various projects and developed different interfaces to share data between different applications and Limesurvey. Some examples can be found at

If you need help integrating Limesurvey at your IT, drop us a note and we will get back in touch with you soon:

About was the first authorized Limesurvey partner. We have been working with Limesurvey since 2007 and have successfully dealt with > 1000 Limesurvey projects so we know the Limesurvey features and software architecture very well. We also contribute new features to the Limesurvey core.

We speak ENGLISH and GERMAN.
Wir sprechen DEUTSCH und ENGLISCH.

> 10.000 lines of code contributed
> 1.000 Limesurvey projects
> 100 customers
> 10 years of experience
-> 1st and longest-serving Limesurvey partner
---> 0 reasons not to work with us


We provide LimeSurvey Drupal Integrations.

Sie möchten LimeSurvey in ein bestehendes System integrieren? Wir beraten Sie gerne.

About lime:support: your service partner for LimeSurvey from Hamburg. We will assist you in all belongings of LimeSurvey. Former we offered our service under the brand "research on BLOGS". Ihr LimeSurvey Service Partner aus Hamburg. Wir unterstützen Sie rund um die Online-Umfrage Software LimeSurvey. Bisher habe wir unseren Service unter der Marke "research on BLOGS" angeboten.


SysWeb Kft.

We integrate LimeSurvey for your application. Integration with CAWI, CAPI, TAPI.

About SysWeb Kft.:

We have been experienced over 15 years with online questionnaire programming and hosting. We programming professional questionnaires in the best online questionnaire system (LimeSurvey) and our aim to encourage our customers to use LimeSurvey


EconLab Research Network Srl

EconLab has acquired specific expertise integrating LimeSurvey with third-party applications. We develop plugins and authentication system on customer request.
Since our core activity is doing research studies analysing data, we are able to work on reporting solutions and aggregated analysis on data callected by LimeSurvey.

About EconLab Research Network Srl:

EconLab Research Network has been developing socio-economic research and providing business consultancy since 2010. LimeSurvey is used for surveys and censuses that EconLab offers to both public and private institutions.
Since 2010, we have acquired deep knowledge on LimeSurvey deployment, development and customisation of tailored plugins and third-party system integration.



We integrate LimeSurvey and we develop additions for reporting reporting and for PDF-output.

About Respondage:

We support professionals and organisations doing research. We build internet tools like surveys, data dashboards and specific websites.

We have specialized in LimeSurvey, Drupal and Wordpress.

We focus on data security and user friendliness.


Evently offers a large array of custom integrations. We can connect your Limesurvey installation to Zapier using our own Zapier connector, or we create custom integrations using the Limesurvey API.

About Evently:

Evently helps companies conduct (market)research, evaluate events, set up online exams and tests, and create e-learning packages. Evently also offers custom Limesurvey solutions: plugins, dashboards, Zapier integration and chatbots.

About LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is an advanced online survey system to create quality online surveys. The software is downloaded 10,000 times every month and is used all over the world by companies, universities and individuals. LimeSurvey is Open Source Software and completely free to use.

is our community site where you'll find detailed documentation, free downloads and community forums about installing, using and extending LimeSurvey.