The table below lists authorized LimeSurvey Partner Hosting services which offers the best matching environment to accomodate your LimeSurvey installation.


Encuesta.Biz - We build professional surveys / Construimos encuestas profesionales

We have experience. We are flexible. We support our customers.
Please drop us a note about your needs at or find more about us at http:://

Professional surveys are more complex than regular questionnaires.
Our goal is to simplify the building, execution and analysis of professional surveys.

Based in Argentina, we provide local services, as well as offshore services to Latin America, America and Europe.

Since 2000, we offer consulting and development services for conducting online surveys. We work with Limesurvey and also with our own made custom platforms, mainly for Social Network Analysis.

We have experience in Census Surveys, Organizational Surveys, Social Network Analysis for Organizations and 360 degrees surveys.

We provide a managed installation service. You purchase the hosting account, we manage it for you.


Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc (ACSPRI)

The Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI) has been contributing to, supporting, customising and hosting LimeSurvey in Australia for over 10 years. Contact us for local support and assistance. We are based in Melbourne.

ACSPRI provides a hosted version of LimeSurvey, CANVASS, exclusively for employees and students of ACSPRI member organisations. We can also assist with hosting LimeSurvey at your organisation on your own infrastructure or on the cloud.


LimeSurvey Professional - THE hosting service by LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey GmbH is the main contributor and maintainer of the LimeSurvey software.

LimeSurvey Professional is the official hosting service for LimeSurvey. As makers of LimeSurvey we know our application and its requirements the best.
Join LimeSurvey Professional now for a free trial and collect up to 25 responses per month for free. was founded by Limesurvey’s Head of Support “Dr. Marcel Minke” to offer professional consulting and services for Limesurvey.
We have been working with Limesurvey since 2007 so we know its features and software architecture very well and we also contribute new features to the Limesurvey core.
We are supervising more then 200 survey projects each year and have created over 100 customized Limesurvey templates in the past.

We speak ENGLISH and GERMAN.
Wir sprechen DEUTSCH und ENGLISCH.

Our Limesurvey-optimized servers are located in a high security data center in Germany (thus strict data protection laws apply).
We can set up your own Limesurvey system on our fast and reliable servers within 24-48 hours, so if you don’t want to struggle with Limesurvey setup and correct server configuration just drop us a note and we can set everything up for you according to your wishes.

We charge a one time setup fee and a small monthly hosting fee. You will get your own Limesurvey system with its own database. For more information visit

There are no limitations regarding:
- available question types
- available export formats
- number of surveys hosted
- number of survey participants

We also offer additional, optional Limesurvey hosting services:
- Registering a domain name of your choice
- Setting up automatic, daily Limesurvey database backups
- Enabling access via FTP
- Designing a custom template which matches your corporate design
- Creating your survey in Limesurvey and making it available to the public

Just contact us at and let us know the details of your requirements.

lime:support your service partner for LimeSurvey from Hamburg. We will assist you in all belongings of LimeSurvey. Former we offered our service under the brand "research on BLOGS". Ihr LimeSurvey Service Partner aus Hamburg. Wir unterstützen Sie rund um die Online-Umfrage Software LimeSurvey. Bisher habe wir unseren Service unter der Marke "research on BLOGS" angeboten.

With our hosting services you can concentrate on your core business. We take care of the technical matters and you can easily see the results of your study in the online statistics module.
Security - all surveys are delivered over an SSL connection and are backed up twice a day.

Mit unserem Hosting Angebot können Sie sich voll und ganz auf Ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren. Wir kümmern uns um die technischen Belange und Sie können ganz bequem die Ergebnisse ihrer Studie im Online-Statistik-Modul einsehen.
Sicherheit - alle Umfragen werden über eine SSL-Verbindung ausgeliefert und es werden täglich 2 Datenbank Backups durchgeführt.


Tools for Research

We support professionals and organisations doing research. We build internet tools like surveys, data dashboards and specific websites.

We have specialized in LimeSurvey, Drupal and Wordpress.

We focus on data security and user friendliness.

We host Limesurvey for several organisations. Either on our VPS's or on dedicated servers.

About LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is an advanced online survey system to create quality online surveys. The software is downloaded 10,000 times every month and is used all over the world by companies, universities and individuals. LimeSurvey is Open Source Software and completely free to use.

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